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Share your YouTube video with us!!

You can upload your own YouTube video and send us the link. We'll feature it right here on our website! Help end HIV-related fear and stigma by sharing your own video and telling your story.

How do you do it? It's easy!!

1.) You have to have a YouTube account so visit and register. It's free!!

2.) Go to

3.) You can upload a video you've already created or you can click on the "Webcam capture" icon and start recording your video from your very own webcam!

4.) Once your video is uploaded, send us the link through the form to the right or you can email us the link at

5.) After we review your video and approve it, we'll put it up on our website, our blog, or feature it on our YouTube channel.

6.) With your help, and your story, we end HIV stigma! Hooray!!

Send us your YouTube link here:



YouTube link:

Any additional message:

We will email you once your video is approved and upload to our website or YouTube channel. If your video is not approved, we will reply with the reason it was not accepted.

Thank you for helping to end HIV stigma!

Your details were sent successfully!

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