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Or just drop us an email...

You can also drop us an email with your story, or attach your story to an email. We will only accept .doc, .txt. or .pdf files. ALL OTHER FILE TYPES WILL BE DELETED. Once we receive your story we will contact you about publishing it on our website or on our blog.

You can email us at Now get on it!

Hey, not everyone is excited about being on camera and we can't blame you. Some people prefer the old fashioned method: sit down with a nice cup of coffee and just hash out what you want to say on paper. Or, you know, a computer screen.

Either way, we got you covered. You can send us your very own story right here and we'll publish it on our website or on our blog. Either way, your words will be saved forever in our arcHIVes!

Of course if you have any questions, you can send those right to otherwise stop procrastinating and start writing!

These stigmas aren't just going to end themselves...

I want to write my own story to share!

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