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What we do

Since the beginning of the pandemic, stereotypes and misinformation have surrounded the HIV community. We believe that the personal stories from the center of the pandemic, the true and authentic stories of those who have been touched by these diseases, can provide the greatest educational resource we have to combat and end these misunderstandings.



Art has the ability to communicate, to inspire, to educate and to heal. We believe that art tells a story. We believe that art can transform ones mind and soul. We believe that art has a power beyond words and measure and resides somewhere in muse, in action and in culture and community.


Today funding is being cut to HIV/AIDS organizations across the US. From AIDS research to HIV/AIDS medical care, groups are finding it difficult to create and shore up new revenue streams. However, no one in the HIV community has it harder than groups providing direct services to those who are living with HIV/AIDS. We believe that the art we create and the stories attached to them can provide an excellent resource for fundraising and will make our collections and our library available to groups across the county, and across the country, who wish to raise money for their own local AIDS service organizations.


For many people finding out that they are HIV+, or finding out that someone they love has been touched by HIV, there is a sense of isolation. A feeling that they are the only one with this story. Unfortunately this is not the case. We aim to build a sense of community and understanding among those touched by HIV/AIDS and to provide a place to hear stories similar to their own. We offer an outlet, an exchange of experiences and ideas, where individuals borrow, contribute and lend towards a greater understanding of how HIV/AIDS affects our world.

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