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Share your story with us

Share your story with us today...

We will never be able to end the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS without first talking about what it means to be affected by these diseases. This is where we need your help…

EVERYONE has a story. Whether you are living with, know someone with, or lost someone to HIV and AIDS your story is important. We cannot begin to understand the far reaching impacts of these diseases until we hear the stories of those affected.

Share your story with us today. You can upload a video to YouTube and share the link with us by filling out the form below. If that seems a little too complicated, you can sign up for our email list below and we’ll let you know as soon as we roll out a new feature on our website – you’ll be able to record video right here and send it to us right away.

We want to hear what you have to say because it is important and because it is time the world begin to understand how HIV affects all of us. Once we are able to establish this dialog, we can begin to move on past the misunderstandings of these diseases and start living our lives the best way we know how until we’re able to find a cure.

Share your story today!

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